August Newsletter

Startup Tips

Today's Top Tip - Check Your Actions, Regularly

Getting visitors to your startup website is only part of the challenge. Turning them into paying (and hopefully long-lasting) customers is where the real fun begins. One way to quickly scupper your chances of success is to have a website where your conversion actions - such as getting a visitor to fill out a demo-request form or download a whitepaper - are broken. Unfortunately, this scenario is all-too-common. 

Anything from plugin updates on your website to basic human oversight (such as setting a form to go to an email address that doesn't exist) can result in you losing out on valuable conversions, and ultimately disappointing potential leads.

Therefore, it pays to get into a habit of regularly checking all conversion actions on your website to ensure they do what you want them to do. This is something low-effort with large reward. You put in the hard yards to get people to check out your idea, so it's crucial to ensure they can take action on it if interested. 

This tip comes to you from local online marketing expert, Sam Frost.  Want to learn more?  Come check him out at our meetup on the 21st!

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